Central Blackpool Landlords, yes you need a license to rent your property

Central Blackpool yields one of the highest Private Rented Sector to Owner Occupied Properties in the country, with some putting the figure at 70%.

Blackpool Council has now licensed the area. To see if your property falls in the selective license area, the defined area and streets are listed in the below link:


In order to obtain the license, the property must comply with ‘Blackpool (council) Standards’. Below is a link showing the requirements needed to be achieved to obtain a license:


The Central License commenced on the 26th of March 2019 and Landlords have had until the 25th of October 2019 to get there property licensed. Please note that the license is Mandatory and fines will be issued by Blackpool Council for not having it in place for your rental property (also ensuring you meet the criteria of the property)

As a Landlord myself, I also share mixed views on this as yourself, is it just another burden for Landlords and another form of taxation for the local authority? Or is this is what is needed to improve the quality of housing in the area (which is desperately needed), more protection for tenants against ‘rogue’ Landlords and action against anti-social tenants. Let me know your thoughts,

Blackpool Council state on their website the reason for Licensing in the ‘Central’ area, as follows:

It seeks to help address high levels of anti-social behaviour associated with poor quality private rented accommodation.

The private rented sector is a vital part of the housing market in Blackpool and many landlords try to provide decent well-managed accommodation.

We want to support landlords to overcome the current problems in the central area and help to improve the area in which local people live and work

The fee involved in licensing a property start from £542 (for a house) and rise for properties in multiple occupation on a sliding scale. Please note the license isn’t transferable if the property is sold during the period of the License and the new purchaser will need to obtain a new license.

If you would like any advice or assistance on this matter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself


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