Can I still invest during Lockdown?


  • How will it affect you as the buy to let Landlord?
  • Should you grow or contract your portfolio? 
  • Is now a good time to invest? 
  • Are you able negotiate better prices for property purchases with the current slump in demand? 
  • Have you reviewed your mortgages, to see if you can benefit from record low mortgage rates, with Chris securing mortgages with rates as low at 1.4%! 

Watch my interview with local leading Mortgage Broker, Chris Days:

As a Landlord, Serviced Accomodation Operator and Letting Agent Owner, the above questions I have been asking myself on a constant basis. My Property Strategy is to create Freedom, not so I don’t have to work, but Freedom so I can take risks in future business ventures and still no I have a safe income to support me and my family. That means my buy to let strategy, looks like X number of properties returning a profit of X,  I am looking for property investments that will generate good returns and attract good long term tenants. Currently, I am looking to secure a deal on a property that requires refurbishing (so I can add value, put my touch and ensure it is to the ‘Hamza’ standard) and I am confident with the lack of investor demand in the market I will be able to secure a better deal prior to Covid-19. I will be looking to purchase the property with lending in my Limited company. With most lenders offering limited products at 60% LTV (hence requiring deposit of 40% instead of the usual 25% I pay) I have been exploring other options and a few lenders such as Nationwide and Barclays have started to launch products with upto 80% LTV (29/04/2020):

Chris Days can be contacted via details below and is happy to provide advice and support.

Chris – 07715488908
Email –
Chris Days – Mortgage and Protection Broker





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