Most viewed properties of 2020

Rightmove’s most viewed properties of 2020 below. Unfortunately no properties from Blackpool made the Rightmove list for 2020. Maybe next year?

We all got to admit, we all have guilty please of scrolling through Rightmove and ‘checking’ homes out. I have also recently found myself looking through Pinterest and gaining masses of inspiration. Or maybe its just me?

What we do know is homes and the internal space have a huge impact on our lives. For me, amazing spaces have a huge impact on my mood, productivity and overall well being. That is why we should as a nation put more effort into designing our homes with more space, better design to fit our needs (of now, not what we required for a property 50 years ago) and ultimately a space that elevates yours and who you may share this space with, day to day lives.

I hope you enjoy drilling of these properties as much as I do and for anyone that maybe interested my favourite (by a small margin) is the ‘Stylish London Mansion’


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